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About me


I have been a musician, writer, photographer, an audio engineer, and an Entertainment and Technical Director for over thirty years.  I am an author of two books. The first entitled, Only Moments published in 2007, was a novel that followed the lifetime journey of the professional musical career of a husband and wife team to the year 2020. My second book, Shattered Faith: To Believe or Not To Believe, was non-fiction based on my own near-death experience. I began painting on the iPad in May of 2011 while recuperating from crucial back surgery and had taken an Adult Education course in painting and drawing. I discovered that I had the ability to express myself as I had in music and learned rapidly. I am grateful for being alive and being able to share my work with others and never knew that I would be able to do so rising from a hospital bed and cheating death many years ago. Many of the paintings are based subconsciously in lyrics that seem to appear when the music flows through my mind as I begin to create a painting. I often use a subtractive process of pixel by pixel reconstruction to create life-like sculpting in my digital art.

My paintings are now on display in Las Vegas at Holy Sheets in Town Square right on Las Vegas Blvd. Stop in and see their incredible offerings of incredible art, home furnishings, bedding, state-of-the-art massage chairs, exercise equipment, and of course incredible sheets along with my artwork and those of famous artists and photographers for sale.