ipad imagination

All of the artwork within this website was painted by hand on an Apple iPad using only my fingers. No stylus or instrument was used to create them. This digital art technology is a "new medium" that eliminates the exposure to toxic chemicals in the various paints that can be used. This helps me as a severe allergy sufferer. It promotes speed and accessibility to the entire palette of colors and brush types and sizes without having to own a huge studio. Most importantly, the art can be created instantly wherever I am. The digital process of re-creation is that of photography and with newer fine art gallery quality printing technologies these works can be processed on aluminum that is warp-proof, waterproof, needs no glass or frame, and will last for eons with the proper care.  CLICK ON THESE PAINTINGS TO SEE THE FULL VIEW AND TITLE AND THEN GO TO THE "PAINTINGS" SECTION TO SEE ALL OF THE ARTWORKS WITH TITLES, JUST CLICK ON THE INDIVIDUAL PAINTINGS UNDER THE SLIDE SHOW.

Art of the iPad

Expressions of Digital Painting